Tropical fruit with glowing green goodness! (greenpineapple) wrote,
Tropical fruit with glowing green goodness!

Weird dream...

The other night I had a weird dream. I met the X-Men and it was the X-men from the Evolution cartoon series, not comic or movie characters... Weird. And Kitty Pryde was in it, and for some reason I was in a wheelchair, but I wasn't Professor X. He was there also, though I do not remember if HE was in a wheelchair or not. And anyway, Kitty was assigned to take me home, you know, push my wheelchair and help me up and down stairs and what not, and she seemed a little peeved, but I was excited cuz this would give me and Kitty a chance to talk and maybe become friends, and we got home too fast and she ran off and I was sad, I tried to go after her but I lost her. I was very sad she left before we could get close. :(
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