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X-Men evolution

Satunian: you would have liked seeing the christmas episode
Satunian: I only caught the ending
Satunian: Spyke was having a snowball fight with his dad, and then the guys tried to bombard his mom and Storm but storm just winded it all back to them
Satunian: Kurt was getting off a plane and saw his adoptive 'rents and they hugged
Satunian: Kitty was lighting a menorah with her family
Skunky Beatnik: awww
Satunian: Wolvering was alone. By himself. Playing pool
Satunian: *Wolverine
Skunky Beatnik: he should have been with sabretooth
Skunky Beatnik: fighting
Skunky Beatnik: i know they want to kill each other
Satunian: naah it's X-mas time
Skunky Beatnik: but they enjoy trying to kill each other
Satunian: he and Sabretooth should run to eachother and embrace
Satunian: and take up ballroom dancing together
Satunian: after January 6th they can go back to killing eachother
Skunky Beatnik: the fuck have you been drinking?
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