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Wow, it's been a while

But I am here again. I also have a new LJ, cuz I like my new name better than this one.
You know what bugs me? Hardly anyone comments in my LJ anymore, and, well, that alone bugs me a little but what can I do? But I hate it when no one EVER comments except when someone wants to say something not nice to me. Only on negative conditions do people ever respond, whether to disagreee, or tell me what a bitch I am. Or pople who I comments to all the time, and tll them nice things, but then they inturn virtually ignore me except to pop up once in a while to tell me I'm "laame" You know what, if you only comment when you have something not nice to say, don't fucking comment. Sure some people may think that I am being silly, but to me it's like the person who never says anything to you exceot to tell you you look fat in that dress, in which case, shut up. I mean some people comment frequently and say good things, so it's cool when they wanna you know, bust my balls or somthing. I primarily think of Thegodofwar, who does his fair share of picking on me... Which I don't mind because A) they're done in a humorous spirit and B) they are balanced by decent comments on occasion. And F) That's just the kinda guy he is...
Dunc also comments on occasion, still not that often but more than my OTHER friends seem to, and he always says something nice, or funny.

I mean, I complain about comments people leave, and I've had my friend Scott and others say things like "Then don't post entries like that if you don't want to deal with negative response"
It's not just that. I can deal with negative response, IF my so called friends drop me positive response on occasion too. But they don't. So it's like, why are you my friend in the first place? As well as, You never comment here before, what nerve you have to comment now?! Argh. It pisses me off.

Also, These people take LJ WAAAAAAAAY too seriously. As you know, Satunian, my other name, has had a clone. A mocking clone.
A friend, a "friend", one of the aforemntioned commenters, also has a mocking clone, one a lot less subtle than mine. I found it because I was invited to some community, on THIS name, I check it out, and I see a name and icon identical to hers, thinking it was her. But, on closer inspection, There were some slight changes, but it made all the difference... God fucking damnit, people, get a LIFE!
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